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Country Hacks

      All year round, but mainly during school holidays, the Pony Club offers pony rides for all little ones from 18 months upwards and for adults wishing to go out on hack. Family and friends are welcome.

        For your safety and to teach the basics of horse riding, Elizabeth will accompany you either on foot with pony in-hand for beginners or on horseback for the more experienced riders.  

What a hack involves :

* Getting to know your four footed friend. You start by taking care of him by grooming, which includes brushing without forgetting to give the pony lots of cuddles. Touching is very important part of bonding with your pony.


* Once the coat is shiny, we can start tacking him up….putting the harness on and also a rug, saddle  and net, then you are ready for your riding adventure.


* Once you have put your protective hard hat on you are ready to mount the pony and set off and explore the counytryside in a totally different way ; along winding tracks through open country woodland and to paddling in streams and rivers.


*  After your ride, having placed your feet back firmly on the ground, you give the pony a pat and cuddle and a thank you by giving him a treat.


*  For those riders wanting a fuller experience  you have to try our ‘Rando Gourmandes  Rides’ See more détails on the website.


*  For the little ones from 18 months to 3 years old, Elizabeth offers a 30 minute discovery ride. It is a safe way to be introduced to pony riding.


* Please wear a pair of comfortable trousers and sturdy shoes. The pony club provides protective   hard hats for your safety. 

Theme activties

During the school holidays, we offer themed activities:

                  – According to the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays)

                  – Pancake Walks

                  – Pony Days

                  – Pony Painting

                  – Day at the Seaside

Snack’n Hack rides

Do you want to mix the pleasure of horse riding with the discovery of local products?

     From June to the end of August, Elizabeth offers you the “randonnée Gourmande”, based on the same principle as the rides, but in the middle of the ride she offers you a gourmet break with local products (snack version). For those who want to take advantage of the twilight, she also offers a dinner version. 

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