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Half - Livery /Livery

Half- Livery:

If you have fallen in love with one of the ponies or horses, why not choose to have a pony or horse on a half board livery basis?

Having half board livery entitles you to :

                  * Riding your chosen pony or horse everytime you have a lesson or hack.

                  * If you wish you can visit the pony or horse each week to help care and look after his daily needs. We will be happy to show you how to care for him.



 Should you have your own four legged friend, whether the pony or horse is in work or is retired and  wanting a quiet and peaceful life, Elizabeth will be happy to provide comfortable and safe boarding at a reasonable price.

 All our fields are electrified and are regularly maintained to ensure the ponies and horses are safe. Majority of the fields have shaded areas and normally we put 3 to 4 ponies or horses togethe as a group.




Poney club des retrouvailles
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