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Poney club

The Pony Club des Retrouvailles welcomes you.

             Located in the town of Voulême in the region of the Vienne between Poitiers and Angoulême and close to the RN10, the Pony Club nestles in an area of natural beauty with the river Charente meandering close by. The river is not only perfect for swimming and water sports but is loved and enjoyed by the ponies and horses. Also, they love the woodland tracks and paths too, which are ideal for trekking.

              The Retrouvailles Pony Club is Elizabeth Naffrechoux’s passion. Ponies and horses have been in her blood from a very young age; it is her vocation and after years of studying she is now a fully qualified equine instructor. Her qualifications are C.A.P equine soigneur; BAC pro; C.Q.P.A.S.A. B.P.J.E.S. with a mention of “ce .

               If you want to discover the fun and pleasure of horse riding in a safe environment, look no further? It is an activity that can be enjoyed by individuals and families and Elizabeth’s Pony Club offers something for everybody. An experience you’ll remember fdor yers to come: Riding Lessons for children of 4 years old and older;  Accompanied Ponies in-hand Riding for children of 18 months and older.; Personalised Riding Lessons specially for people who have disabilities. Ponies are transported to the E.H.P.A.D so residents can participate in an acitivity which is often no available to them.

          From June to August there is a number of “Snack’n Hack rides” , Pony Trekking including ‘tasting and sampling local dishes prepared with local produce.  Definitely, two experience wrapped up in one! And in the summer months there are ‘Pancake Rides’ too.

          Find out about them and look out for more news by regularly visiting the website. It is constantly being updated with things of interest.

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