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Riding Lessons

          Every week to coincide with the school year, young riders depending on their age, from 3 to 16 years old are put into mixed groups ( beginners and experienced riders). The purpose is for the group to build confidence in riding on their favourite pony as well to share their horsemanship skills. This  helps all of them to develop their riding skills.

From a very young age horse riding truly builds self-confidence:

* At the Beginning some youngsters are unsure but slowly but surely it helps them grow in confidence.  

* Tacking up your Pony  – at the start many novice riders need help in grooming and tacking up the pony but after a short time they build up their confidence to tack up the pony by themselves.

* A Social Link: for some children, riding has enabled them to blossom. They start losing their  shyness and have found it easier to feel at ease with their peers.

* Calming Down: agitated children find it therapeutic being around ponies, touching and bonding with them. Riding is a real bonus.     

 *Riding doesn’t Stop when you get to 16 years old, riding  can become part of your life for years to come. To grow in experience and confidence Elizabeth offers riding lessons for all ages, all you have

The Equi-Handi

    One of Elizabeth’s desires is to offer people from all walks of life the experience and pleasure of horse riding and that is why she enrolled on the Equi-handi Course to qualify for BFEEH (Federal Diploma of Equi-handi Management) for people with mental disabilities.

       Whilst youngsters and adults can benefit from horse riding this is equally true for people with disabilities.

          Being qualified she is now in the position to help and teach people with mental disorders. Lessons are adapted and personalised to meet each individual’s disability but also, they can be adapted to meet the needs of people who are impaired with different levels of sensory or motor disorders.

        Having a horse-drawn carriage which has been specially modified to take wheelchair users , they can enjoy riding and much more. The result is that nobody is left out from the chance to feel and experience the motion of travelling by pony and cart.

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